UTEP’s Centennial Logo

The trademark, a combination of words and a towering Bhutanese structure, was introduced at the September Convocation ceremony and has since been on print advertisements that have been in Newsweek and Texas Monthly magazines and El Paso newspapers. Sharp-eyed Miners may also have noticed the logo on the shirts of the University's Facilities Services crews. The navy, button-down shirts were ordered in the fall and workers have worn them since December, said Jenny Fraire-Varela, assistant director of business operations. She said that her staff has fielded numerous positive comments on the unique logo, mostly by people who are amazed that the University will turn 100.

"The logo has met with great enthusiasm," said Liz Thurmond, director in the Office of Institutional Advancement. "People are getting excited about the Centennial. They want to know where they can get a patch. It has gotten lots of compliments."

Thurmond helped oversee the design created by longtime University Communications graphic artist John Downey. The pair started the project last February after a request for a logo came from the President's Office. Thurmond said she expects to see it pop up on University letterhead, business cards, apparel, e-mails, and possibly such novelties as pens and squeeze balls. It already is available for use at the University Print Shop in the Hertzog Building on Wiggins Road.

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Centennial Logo

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